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A message from Pastor Chris:

God's Glory Shown Tangibly in His Timing

In studying the Transfiguration recently, I came across a point made by a Biblical scholar that caused me to think. Not just in the act, but also in the timing of the Transfiguration, God showed his glory!

Right before the Transfiguration Jesus had just told the disciples that He was going to die. This must have upset and confused them tremendously! They had just discussed with Jesus that He was the Messiah, and the Jews at that time were expecting the coming of a MIGHTY Messiah... a Messiah who was going to kick the Romans out of Israel! How could Jesus be about to die? How could He be the strong king they expected, but at the same time how could Jesus be about to die? That's impossible to be both at the same time!

This made me think about our Loving God, and how He cares for us. Sometimes we come to the point in our lives when we really REALLY need the presence of God... We are going through something, and we get to a low point where we are falling apart and at that point God touches us and lets us know He is definitely there, and we feel His presence. I think this was why the Transfiguration happened when it did.

Through the Transfiguration, God reached out to the disciples and reminded them who Jesus was. When they really needed to know in a tangible way that God was in control and that Jesus was who Jesus said He was, God showed His Glory! The shekinah glory of God showed in the person of Jesus... The Messiah... The Son of the Living God!

Has God ever come to you and shown His glory right when you need it? Has that happened with you? It has happened with me! Many of you have heard my famous $100 bill story. How I was down to no money, and I prayed to God that I didn't have the money to pay the rent that week...but I tithe... and I told God that I couldn't wait to see how He was going to come through! I was desperate. There was no way that I could fix things on my own. That is the point when God stepped in, and proved in a very tangible way that HE was in control! That is when I found the $100 dollar bill in the drugstore parking lot. I did my part in trusting God with my tithe, and God did as He promised he would...but the timing was amazing.

The Transfiguration was Gods way of stepping in, and proving in a tangible way, showing all of God's shekinah glory, showing Peter, James, and John, that Jesus WAS the son of God. God did this when the disciples needed it...boosting their confidence in His plan, shortly before Jesus went to the cross.

Stories in the Bible like this boost my confidence that God is in control, and despite our negative budget here at CIA, I know God WILL make a way when there seems to be no way. God ALWAYS makes provision for His plans. I cannot wait to see how God will fix the finances at Church In The Acres. Is God going to use you as part of his plan to take the church from the red into the black? It is a privilege to be used by God...just sayin' !

I'm humbled and privileged to be your pastor.

In The Lord's service till the last fish is caught,
-Pastor Chris

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What We Believe...

  • We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father is the Director of all.
  • Jesus, the perfect God and perfect sacrifice is also the perfect Savior.
  • The Holy Spirit IS God and lives within us when we become a believer.
  • God created us and gave us jobs/roles.
  • We believe the Word of God, was created by the God of the word.
  • Sin entered the world and we all have sinned and fallen short of God's perfection.
  • Jesus paid the price for me and you! Amen!
  • Jesus makes eternal life possible.
  • Once accepting Christ, this life is our opportunity to walk the walk.
  • The church is an organism not just an organization.
  • Jesus is coming again- Amen!

This is not all we believe, but we realize as you consider visiting a church you'd sure like to know what it is they really believe and we hope this gives a snap shot of who we are. The What We Believe page can give you a more detailed explanation of each of these points.

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