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A message from Pastor Chris:

"Love God, and do what you please...."
-- St Augustine.

I really enjoy the writings of St. Augustine. One of my favorite books is Augustine’s Confessions. The book tells of Augustine’s life, and is written in a way that it is timeless. I love that Augustine tells us all his problems. He has the problems that we all have! He is as broken as any of us. I can identify with his humanness. Augustine lived from 354 AD to 430, but you would never know that he was writing 1600 years ago! The writing could be the style of any NY Times Best Seller of today, and I recommend the book to everyone. Augustine was truly one of the greatest influences to the early Church, and his influence is still huge today.

I was having dinner several years ago with Tony and Peggy Campolo when Tony uttered this quote, “Love God, and do what you please…” If you know Tony, you would expect he would quote his favorite St. Francis of Assisi before he would quote Augustine, but I am glad he made light of the quote. It started a great conversation!

I have heard some Christians say something like, “Well….if we believe in Jesus and He forgives us, then why can’t we do anything we want…..because He will forgive us after we do something wrong anyway? If you feel that way, then maybe you need some heart change. With the quote, Augustine was trying to get us to understand that the status of your heart is of utmost importance to God.

Yes, God does know the status of our heart. In fact, the biggest change in a person who decides to follow Jesus is a continual change in the heart. Jesus is after your heart! He wants you to give it to Him, because once Jesus has your heart, He’ll get the rest of you sooner or later.….

In Luke 10 Jesus told us that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. If you truly do love the Lord that much, then all of your actions will reflect it. When you think about it, loving the Lord with all your heart means that you invite God into your whole day. God spends time with you as you eat your morning bowl of corn flakes. You love God with everything you have, nothing held back. You don’t just go through the motions. If you really love God this much, then everything you do will naturally fall in line with God’s desires for what you should be doing. If you love God with all your heart, then it easily becomes second nature for you to love others! Heart change of the church begins with heart change in each individual.

The fact is that God loves us so very much. He wants us to love Him back, but God will not force us to love Him back. God wants us to make that decision…..and if you really REALLY love God, then, as Augustine says, do what you please… will be ok with the Lord….I’m sure!

In The Lord’s service till the last fish is caught,
-Pastor Chris

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What We Believe...

  • We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father is the Director of all.
  • Jesus, the perfect God and perfect sacrifice is also the perfect Savior.
  • The Holy Spirit IS God and lives within us when we become a believer.
  • God created us and gave us jobs/roles.
  • We believe the Word of God, was created by the God of the word.
  • Sin entered the world and we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s perfection.
  • Jesus paid the price for me and you! Amen!
  • Jesus makes eternal life possible.
  • Once accepting Christ, this life is our opportunity to walk the walk.
  • The church is an organism not just an organization.
  • Jesus is coming again- Amen!

This is not all we believe, but we realize as you consider visiting a church you’d sure like to know what it is they really believe and we hope this gives a snap shot of who we are. The What We Believe page can give you a more detailed explanation of each of these points.

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